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Blog 3: Clinton falls in popularity to Sanders

  1. This article discusses the recent outcomes of a poll done on presidential candidates from both parties by way of NBC News/Wall Street Journal. Hillary Clinton is only leading Bernie Sanders by 7 points with the Vice President in the race and 15 points without him in the race. Clintons popularity over time is dwindling and while she is still the first choice for the democratic party, she is not leading by much. The article also discusses how Donald Trump is leading the Republican party closely followed by Ben Carson.
  2. The information and statistics were retrieved through a poll done by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. They surveyed 256 Democratic Voters and 230 Republican votes shortly after Scott Walker suspended his campaign.
  3. I personally do not feel that this survey group was big enough or detailed enough. Surveying 230 Republicans in an extremely conservative state like Texas would be far different than surveying republicans from a more liberal state like Vermont. The article does not say how they spread out the amount of people being surveyed.

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