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Blog #4: Coverage Error In Internet Surveys

  1. This research is about the downfalls to collecting data for research purposes online. I thought this was interesting and related to the class because it is something we could all kind of take into consideration for the research we are doing within our groups. Even though doing surveys online is cheaper and easier to access, they are missing certain groups of people. 65% of respondents through mail are 65 years or older, and only 24% of respondents on the web are 65 years or older. This can lead to different biases that we may need to make note of whenever we are doing research.
  2. The data came from Pew Research Center. They were conducting a panel and invited over 10,000 people some were Internet users and some did not even have an email address. They received a monetary incentive for participating as well. They were interviewed through different mediums such as phone, in person, over the web.
  3. I am just curious how common mail surveys are anymore? I feel like it mostly compared mail to web, but it may make more sense to compare phone and web. Although I think the results would be similar.


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