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BLOG 4: Twitter Polling Jon Stewart’s Replacement on the Daily Show

  1. This tweet is about Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show and how twitter has exploded with comments about his departure, but also the majority of them hint at replacements for his position. This shows how social media communication like twitter in our society has become more than just interacting with friends or sharing funny comments. It has actually become a way of polling individual preferences much like a presidential election. I chose this tweet because it pertains to the way people communicate now, especially in my generation, and I found it interesting that it has more of an impact that most people think
  2. This research information was gathered by lead shift and compiled into an infographic by daily infographic. It was conducted by totaling at all the tweets regarding Jon Stewart leaving between February 10th, 2015 and March 9th, 2015. They then dissected them into categories about how many involved speculation about his replacement and then also social authors. Then the top ten candidates that were tweeted about as prospects for taking the position were gathered and given a percentage based on the number out of the total tweets that people said they would be a good replacement. They were also broken up into male and female categories which showed the top five rankings that were chose by males and then also females. Also, they showed top tweet locations and examples of tweets by influencers.
  3. My question involves timeframe of the data collection and how the data was collected. First, I wonder if only the data collected for the month after the announcement is a good indicator, because people could start to see other’s ideas and maybe change their mind or come to different decisions about replacement. Second, I wonder if the data about the tweets was collected based on hashtags, content, or even mention of Jon Stewart’s name.
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