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Blog #4- Social Media Use Today

1. This post shows the state of social media so far in 2015. It shows the most popular social networking sites, what platforms they are using to access these sites, and how marketers are using these sites. I though it was interesting because social media marketing is becoming more prevalent and necessary as times change. Also, this topic and the research questions involved we similar, on a larger scale, to those that my research group will be addressing.

2. This study used Global Web Index, a software platform that allows researchers and marketers to collect online data and statistics on a targeted audience. They also used SimilarWeb, a platform that tracks traffic and engagement of different sites. Lastly, they used Smart Insights, a marketing strategy and advice sight, for information on how marketers utilize social media.

3. At the bottom of this infographic, SimilarWeb and Smart Insights are both advertised. I wondered if this could have lead to biased information that might be trying to persuade those reading the study to use these platforms.

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