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Blog 4: Emojis Becoming Marketing Tools


1- This article talks about the rising popularity of Emojis and how companies are incorporating them into their business. It says that companies may be able to engage better with their consumers if they incorporate emojis in their advertising. Emojis are easy to understand and get the right message across the consumers. It has included an infographic that shows how emojis are used across all age spans and how frequently within those age groups. A major example is how IHOP incorporated emojis into their Logo and Burger King even made their own emoji to promote chicken fries.

2- This data was retrieved from the “Emogi 2015 Report.” The Emogi report looks into multiple aspects of how Emojis are used. It looks at why emojis are the worlds fastest growing language and who uses them, looks at the cultural affects on emoji usage and discovers how emojis play a surprisingly important role in the consumer buying journey.  Emogi looks at what the marketing trends are and makes an annual report, like the one used in this article.

3-  There are always suggestions for emojis that people want to see put on their keyboard. What do you think the reasons are for them not creating certain emojis that a big population wants to see?


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  1. October 11, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    So what are the data collected for #2 and how were they collected? Surveys? Analysis of websites or text messages or something? Need more specific detail of the research.

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