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Blog #4 Twitter and the Papal Visit

  1. This article discusses how even though people were in a social media frenzy discussing the Popes visit, many of the articles and reports done on his visit used personal interviews and encounters with the pope himself. The public played a huge role in documenting his stay in the U.S. however, media outlets did not use this as a primary source. 25% of stories that discussed the Pope and his involvement in the political realm included quotes form th ePresident, Presidential candidates or members of congress.
  2. This study was conducted by Pew Research on October 7th. Pew researched looked at 60 various stories that had posts from social networking sites and found that only 12% used a social networking site to tell the story. Pew research observed the stories from 12 different popular news outlets from September 22nd through the 26th.
  3. The biggest question I have after reading this research is why do people down play the role of the media. This article made me realize that even though social media can give individuals really easy ways to interact with each other, we still need reporters and the media to gather evidence from popular and credible sources. I also wonder how many times journalists are forced to lean on bystanders social media accounts of an incident in order to effectively tell a story. The article mentions how reporters aren’t always on scene when freak accidents occur or random natural disasters strike so social media is how they gather a lot of their preliminary info!
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