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“BLOG 8: The Flight From Conversation”


1. This article is about how people have been reacting and adapting to the new technologies that in turn change the way that people communicate with one another and ultimately is destroying all of our face-to-face conversations we would otherwise have. I chose this article because especially for people of my age, social media and ever-changing technology are apart of our every single day, every hour, every minute, and without it, many people probably wouldn’t know what to do with themselves today.

2. The article is from The Atlantic (theatlantic.com) and the study was conducted by a clinical psychologist and sociologist named Turkle at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has spent over the past 30 years studying how people react and adjust to new media trends and technology that in turn change the way individuals communicate with one another and has even published a book called, “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age” in which she argues that “texts, tweets, Facebook posts, emails, instant messages, and snapchats—simultaneous, rapid-fire “sips” of online communication—have replaced face-to-face conversation, and that people are noticing the consequences.”

3. I question I have about the article is, “Does Turtkle believe that social media and our growing technology will take over all and any face-to-face conversation in the future?” I also want to know, “Are there certain areas of the world in which this social media and technology ‘takeover’ is more prevalent?”

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