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Blog Post 4: Usage of social media during the Pope’s visit

  1. This tweet was chosen due to how recent the Pope visited the United States and the significance it had as well as the media coverage that was placed on the event. The article is about how surprisingly most media outlets did not use social media and instead focused on personal interviews and encounters with the public to shape the coverage. With the large amount of phones and other tablets out during the events little social media was used by journalists.
  2. The data was collected by PEW research analytics which looked at 12 different news sources. as well as across 12 websites, pulled from the top 25 sites listed in comScore’s news and information category. In each story, researchers coded the presence of 17 different source types and whether for each social media was referenced.
  3. This is very interesting due to the rise of social media use in news outlets. But why are we so concerned about social media when getting news coverage of the Pope? It is the Pope for crying out loud. Secondly, I am not surprised news outlets did not cite a social networking cite, with the importance of the Pope’s visit, wouldn’t one try and get the most credible source for an article? like a direct quote or video footage.
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  1. October 7, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    I cannot figure out how to add the picture. I clicked on the date of the tiwtter page and used that link. I believe that is what I did last time for blog 3.

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