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Incredible Social Media Statistics

  1. This article shows an infographic of interesting statistics of the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest. I chose this because I believe social media will be the main medium of how my generation will receive its information, therefore analyzing these trends can strengthen that argument.
  2. The data was collected by Brian Honigman of the Washington Post in November of 2012. He analyzed studies from various websites about social media and condensed the quantitative data from them into a list. From this list, a website called iStrategyLabs made an infographic to make the information visually appealing to the reader.
  3. Although this data was taken in 2012, which is fairly recent, I would like to see how these past trends could predict social media statistics for the year 2015 and compare those predictions to actual numbers from these social media platforms today. Also, a majority of statistics provided were reported in November, it not take account for the entire year of 2012; thus it messes up the data a little by not accounting for about 16 percent of the year.


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