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BLOG 6: Demographics in Ferguson, MO

  1. This article explores the demographics of individuals living in Ferguson Missouri compared to surrounding areas. I chose this article because the shooting in Ferguson greatly affected Missouri and the entire U.S. and looking deeper into the issue of demographics here interests me.
  2. This research is from the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS) population estimates. Choroplethr and ChoroplethrZip ship with summary, demographics statistics of each state, county and Zip code in the U.S. This article is demonstrating how easy it is to use technology to dig deeper into demographics. The research conducted asks if there is a difference in demographic of Ferguson compared to the surrounding areas. The results show that their are more whites than blacks in Missouri and in the county but a larger percent of african americans within the Ferguson zip code.
  3. My question is regarding demographics on police officers in Ferguson. In the article the author mentions he doesn’t know any sights that have specific demographics of police officers, however this research was conducted on all residence of the state, county and within the Ferguson zip code. Since there is a much larger percentage of african americans in Ferguson, how do we know that some of them aren’t african american officers? Do we assume that the white percentage are all police offers and a few others?
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