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Blog 5: Worst College Majors for a Career

  1. This article discusses the 10 worst majors an individual can choose in college. I found it particularly interesting because I’ve always heard my major (History) is a highly undesirable and unemployable field, yet it isn’t on the list. The study shows the average starting salary of these careers as well as a mid-career salary. Along with that it showed projected growth in the field. Education degrees are considered to be highly undesirable currently, but the teaching field shows potential for a lot of growth in the future.
  2. The data for this article was collected via Kiplinger which is a publisher that discusses business forecasts and personal finance advice. Kiplinger looked at data from Payscale to learn beginning and mid-career salaries for the listed majors along with College Board to see the popularity of certain majors and how many individuals were seeking jobs in that field.  The also looked at research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to see the growth in a certain field over a span of the next 10 years.
  3. The data collected shows the most undesirable majors, however I am interested in knowing the most popular majors. I also wonder how much hard work and dedication to your field plays part when it comes to becoming employed. I feel like this article doesn’t necessarily show the passion some individuals have for their “undesirable majors”

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