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Blog:5 Pell Grants and Low income students

  1. This article is about the insufficient data collected by the Department of Education about low income college students who receive Pell grants, typically $5,775 in aid. This article was chosen because it is very surprising how inaccurate the date collected was. It is stated in the article that the data is anywhere from 10%-50% inaccurate.
  2. The article came from the Hechinger Report. Data was collected from public records of the Department of Education. the National Student Loan Database (NSLD). As well as data collected from over 1,000 universities. This data is fairly new, published on October 9 of 2015.
  3. My questions go hand in hand with this article. Why has data not been collected for such before? How can there be such error for this data? Universities have access to all of their students information, scholarships, grants, loans, and are able to see when or if they graduate. I am just shocked that the government could have such incorrect data for such a huge 

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