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Blog 6:The Cost of Eliminating Background Checks


1- This article talks about how Missouri used to required every handgun buyer to have a background check and pass it to get a purchase permit. In 2007 the background check requirement was eliminated. This data shows the results of the policy change, how the numbers of gun trafficking and gun homicides have increases since. The number of crimes involving traded crime guns from in-state has gone up 28% because people can buy guns from unlicensed sellers. After the repeal of Missouri’s background check policy the number of guns recovered at Missouri crime scenes within two years of their sale nearly doubled.Missouri’s homicide rate is now the fifth highest in the nation and at 43% percent higher than the national average.

2-The information in this article came from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. It shows an assortment of information regarding Successfully Traced Crime Guns,and firearm homicides per 100,000 residents. It was published in 2014- “Erratum To: Effects of the Repeal of Missouri’s Handgun Purchaser Licensing Law on Homicides.” It all looked at how the numbers have changed since the repeal of the background check requirement policy.

3- I wonder if there are any changes going to be made. There has clearly been a significant increase in gun issues since the policy has been repealed. Is there a correlation with the policy or is it more of an exploitation of society?

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