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Blog 7: The State of Mental Health in the United States

  1. This article discuses mental health statistics across the United States. It shows how many people are affected by mental health issues and why more awareness for these diseases need to be raised. Often times individuals cannot gain access to the resources they so desperately need due to financial difficulties and the stigma that comes along with admitting you have a mental health issue. 1 in 5 American youths are affected by mental illnesses and 60-70% of youths who struggle with substance abuse also have some sort of mental health issue. This research is incredibly eye opening and shows how much work our country
  2. The research pulled from many reputable sources found linked from a Huffington Post article. The statistics that related to the amount of individuals who suffered from and later died form mental illnesses came from the CDC. The statistics that discuss substance abuse came form research preformed by the American Psychological Association.
  3. My question is why do so many people have such a hard time talking about mental health issues. I feel that is is so stigmatized, people are unable to seek treatment, even if they are financially capable (this article shows many are not) due to fear of being judged.
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