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Blog #7: Health (Childhood Obesity)

November 16, 2015 Leave a comment
  • The tweet I chose to use is about childhood obesity in the United States and the growing rates for 10-17 year olds for the years 2003-2011. This research is based on the National Survey for children’s health.
  • As a result of the research taken, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention obesity rates remain high and very common among 2-19 year olds. This data has also shown that states in the south are more common to have higher obesity rates.
  • My questions are:
  • 1) How was this data collected overall, did they take surveys of children in medical offices?
  • 2) Where the number of children polled the same in each state?
  • 3) Why do they believe the numbers to be higher in obesity in the south? Could further research be done to prove a correlation?


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Blog Post #6: Offenses and Arrests in Missouri Data

October 26, 2015 1 comment

1) I shared this data because I found the way they display their data really well illustrates the crime rates in Missouri over the years. I think this information is helpful to anyone that lives in Missouri.

2) The data in the article is from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Statistical Analysis center, It was conducted between 1995 and 2013.

3) A question I have about this data is, What made the violent crime arrests go down in the recent years? Also, if there was anything done differently in 2006 to prevent officer deaths, and if this could be repeated to help protect them more effectively?


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Blog #5 College Research on Religion and Spirituality

October 18, 2015 1 comment

The article I chose is about college students and their relationship between spirituality and religion in college and the political beliefs that go along with these changes. As students go through college they tend to become less religious, but more spiritual and tend to have a more liberal viewpoint when it comes to politics.

The data in this article is from the Pew Research center and was collected over six years in a longitudinal study at the University of California Los Angeles.


// Do you think if this study was conducted at another University you would get the same results?

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Blog Post #4 Social Media Rise

October 5, 2015 1 comment


The tweet I shared talks about the correlation between twitter and television ratings. It seems that twitter is in fact helping the ratings a lot, due to younger audiences social media impact. 

The research was collected by analyzing tweets about live TV of various age groups. This data was analyzed and put into multiple groups to categorizes the information further. 

I have a few questions on this research collected: 

  1. What live TV programs did you look into? Where they a large enough variety to encompass multiple cultures?
  2. Do they believe this data will continue the way it is as social medias popularity increases? Or will there be a decline?
  3. How did they determine the age group of twitter users?



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Television Marketing and The amount of People actually watching Ads. Blog #3

September 28, 2015 1 comment

This particular article discusses the amount of people that are watching television commercials today and the surprising statistic that television is still the most memorable form of advertising today. I chose this this article because I have always been curious to the effects of television advertising and marketing, and who still currently watches these ads.

The data collected in this article was collected using a survey of 4,199 people and was conducted by YouGOv, based on questions set by Deloitte. The survey was taken between July 9th and July 12th, 2015. It was taken in an online format.

I am still wondering after reading this article if their survey group was large enough and included a wide enough range in age and ethnicities of participants. I believe this article and the study to serve a lot of relevance in our society and the way we market today, but I would like for them to take this study a bit further and introduce an even larger audience.



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(Blog 2) SnapChat Marketing Statistics

September 14, 2015 Leave a comment


// I chose this particular article because it shows the impact that snapchat is having on the marketing world and how popular the app is becoming to different age groups.  This article also compares snapchat to other social media cites and how snapchat is becoming more and more relevant to not just personal use, but professional marketing use.

2. The data in the article is from May of 2015, proving these are recent collections of data. This information was collected by business of apps, and were taken from a variety of sources such as,, BI Intelligence, maskable, Business Insider, and others, these sources all collect reliable information and some take the information, such as app downloads, or active users and turn it into usable data.

3. When looking at this article, I still wonder how some businesses go about obtaining the space to market on snapchat? Does snapchat only allow marketing to companies that market to younger audiences? As snapchat increases in popularity, will an older audience begin to use it, and their marketing platform change?

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Blog #1: Best time to Post Instagram

August 30, 2015 1 comment
  1. I shared this particular tweet because I find there is a correlation between what time you post on Instagram and how many likes you receive on a post. Many wonder how to maximize their presence on social media, and I believe this article can help.
  2. The data in the tweet are from a service called Latergramme, which conducted an analysis of 61,000 posts to decide the maximum time to post on Instagram and obtain the most likes and comments. This research occurred in the present year.
  3. A few questions I have about this data are, What makes people more prone to liking a picture? Is it because of the mood people are in during a certain time, or perhaps something to do with the content of the post? Could their be a correlation there? I am also wondering if post receive more attention at a certain time if they are different that the typical posts, Ex: Women Crush Wednesday Posts may receive less likes on wednesday because their are so many of them.


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