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Blog 7: Mental Health Effects Of Bullying Even Worse Than Effects Of Abuse By Adults

November 2, 2015 Leave a comment
  1. I chose this study because it studies how bullying and maltreatment from adults affects the mental health of children in the long term. The study is trying to determine whether bullying alone is equal to or has worse effects on mental health than maltreatment from adults.
  2. The data was taken from both the UK ALSPAC study and the U.S. Great Smoky Mountain Study. The studies provide data between 18 months and 16 years old and compare it to mental health at 18-25 years old.
  3. One question that I have is would the data be different if they had collected data from more than 5,000 participants. Another question is would bullying still have the worst outcome if they explored other factors such as the demographical data of the participants.


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Blog 6: Missouri leading nation in new business creation

October 26, 2015 Leave a comment
  1. I chose this article because Missouri is listed as the number one state to start a new business in which is a good thing for both graduating college students as well as the economy of Missouri.
  2. The data was collected by the U.S. Census Bureau and analyzed by the Kauffman Foundation. Missouri had a 16% increase between 2012 and 2013.
  3. My question is now that Governor Nixon has included $16 million in funding for entrepreneurship in the budget, how will Missouri continue to improve in creating new businesses.


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Blog 5: The Cost of Not Going to College has Risen

October 13, 2015 Leave a comment
  1. The study that I chose was about how millennial who do not go to college fare in economic measures. I chose this because it was interesting to me to see how the effect of a college degree has changed throughout the generations.
  2. The data is based on 25 to 32 years old with only a high school degree by generation: Early Boomers, Late Boomers, Gen Xers, and the Millenials. The research was done by Pew Research Center and collected from the 2013,1995,1986,1979 March Current Population Survey.
  3. One of my questions is how will online classes and technology affect this data for the next generation. A second question I have is whether the demographic groups were represented equally.


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Blog # 4 Racial and Ethnic Differences In How People Use Mobile Technology

  1. This article is about how mobile technology usage for health, education, and job information varies in different racial backgrounds. I chose this article because mobile technology is a huge part of lives today.
  2. The study was conducted by Pew Research Center between Oct 3-27th 2014 through an American Trends Panel Survey. The groups surveyed were Hispanics, African Americans, and Whites. The African Americans and White groups included only non Hispanics.
  3. One of my questions about this study is how many people were surveyed in this study and was it an equal amount from each group. Another question that I have is why both African Americans and Hispanics use mobile technology more than whites.


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Blog 3: Seven-in-ten people globally live on $10 or less per day

September 27, 2015 Leave a comment
  1. This article is about how 7 in 10 people live on $10 or less globally. I chose this tweet because poverty is a global issue and it needs to be acknowledged by the public more.
  2. The data in this tweet came was analyzed by Pew Research Center. It was collected from the World Bank PovcalNet and the Luxembourg Income Study databases. The poor or low income live on $2-$10 daily whereas the high income live on $50 or more daily.
  3. One of the questions I have is why is more than 50% of the global population considered low income and how it this be changed. Another question I have is how would the data be affected if the Caribbean and Central America were included in the study.


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Blog Post 1: How Often is the BMI Misleading

August 29, 2015 1 comment



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