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Blog #7: Belly fat is worse than obesity?

  1. According to a new research study, belly fat can be worse for your health than obesity or BMI is. It all depends on waist size in comparison to body proportions.
  2. The data is from the WHO – World Health Organization and conducted on 15,000 adults from 1988 through 1994 and then followed through 2006.
  3. This makes me wonder, if this research is so backed up with evidence and has been replicated before – how come we still stress importance on BMI.
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Blog #6: Over half of the Missourians support clean power

1. This article is from the Kansas City Star and covers a new “Clean Power Plan” and shows the results of a survey earlier this year over Missourians who “favor stronger limits on carbon pollution”, which was 62% of the respondents.

2. The data from the survey is not listed anywhere in the article so that makes me question where it came from and how the research was conducted.

3. What will the Clean Power Plan enforce exactly? (We learned where the politicians stand on the issue but I want the article to explain more about the plan.)

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Blog #5: Questioning the CDC: “lost productivity” in the workplace

1. The author, Plumer, dissects a report from the CDC about where American’s productivity is being lost and due to what. I like that Plumer points out that how the CDC came to these numbers may be an exaggeration.
2. The article’s data is from another articles analysis of a CDC report on lost productivity in the workplace. It looks like the data was collected in a survey – though we don’t know exactly who and how they phrased the questions.
3. Why is it hard to determine where productivity becomes “lost”? Would there be anyway to determine more accurate results?

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Blog #4: Columbia has the highest cost of living in MO

1. The tweet is from the Maneater, our student newspaper and I chose it because it confirms my suspicions about Columbia having an extremely high cost of living in relation to the rest of Missouri.
2.The data is from toe Missouri Economic Research and Information Center and they looked at housing, utilities, health and transportation costs for each index.
3. I’m wondering if they looked at counties also and if the results would have been different. Also did they include unincorporated area of Missouri?

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Blog #3: Rich Democrats are as Selfish as Rich Republicans

1. This article is about a complex study conducted to determine if high income people value efficiency over equality and compared the political party associations of the people. I chose it because the results were in the articles title/tweet and I found it interesting to know that rich democrats are as selfish as rich republicans.
2. The data is from a hypothesis tested on three groups, Berkley students, Yale students and ALP attendees which provided the broad cross-section of americans.
3. I found it most interesting to see that high income people who are in charge of policy-making don’t care about equality regardless of their political party. Especially because this is a stigma of republicans but democrats are usually seen as more equal. Though I am wondering if the results would have been different if they didn’t compare it to people belonging to the organization ALP and instead the compare group was a random selection of the population.

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Blog #2: Why Trump is a contender

1. This article is an analysis of current public ratings of the republican and democrat candidates for the upcoming presidential election. I chose it because I want to know how many people are really considering Trump as a viable candidate and what type of people they are, which the article answered for me.

2. The articles states the research came from a “Post-ABC News poll” taken on Sept 7-10 “among a random national sample of 1,003 adults, including landline and cellphone respondents. Overall results have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points”

3. How did they determine what was a random sampling of the population? Would people who answer phone calls and take surveys have different political viewpoints than those who don’t?

Blog #1: Snoop or Shakespeare?

  1. The tweet is an infographic of rappers and attempts to rank the artists on usage of unique words to determine which artist has the most diverse vocabulary. I found it interesting that a lot of the big names in hip hop were towards the bottom of the ranking, meaning they don’t have as many unique sounds. Also I liked that the researcher compared Shakespeare and Melville alongside the rappers… in a sense disproving the negative associations hip hop and rap have.
  2. The data is an accumulation of the number of unique words used within an artists first 35,000 lyrics, which usually spanned 3-5 albums and some mixtapes. Matt Daniels used rap genius and a data collecting application to rank the artists.
  3. What would fans and supporters of Drake and Lupe Fiasco say if they saw this data? Also, what would this graph look like if they judged artists from a variety of genres? Can they update this graphic to include more modern artists (i.e. Macklemore, Iggy Azalea)