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Community Information Mapping presentations

Using the Knight Commission’s work on creating informed communities as a starting point, University of Missouri Capstone students recently completed a project to map community information sources in Columbia, Missouri.

This mapping project was a first step in identifying community information needs. As a final project in the class, students will submit a proposal to improve or increase local community information.

Featured below are several of the team mapping presentations from the class.

The first presentation is from the Commies:


This presentation is from the Community Cats:


This presentation is from the Trinity Trackers:

For more information on the Knight Commission report that informed this project, click HERE.

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Team name: Commikazes


Sarah Armstrong: Leader. As our leader, Sarah will be in charge of communicating with all members and our instructor.  She is responsible for keeping the team on task, organized, conducting group meetings and ready to assist other team members with their responsibilities.

Lindsay Lewis: Resource Management. Lindsay is responsible for ensuring that the group’s surveys are conducted in a timely manner and all research and ideas are noted and saved appropriately. Lindsay is also responsible for meeting minutes.

Jessica Rickenbaugh: Intel & Data Management. Jessica is responsible for all data collected from surveys and ensures that all surveys are accurately entered into SurveyMonkey in a timely fashion. Jessica will also assist Nate in web development and web-based presentations.

Nathan Schwandt: Webmaster. As webmaster, Nate is responsible for the development and troubleshooting for all web-based project attributes including, but not limited to, web design and PowerPoint presentations.

*All group members are readily available to assist each other in all group tasks, are prepared to take on additional tasks if necessary, and know that each aspect of our project is the responsibility of the group as a whole.

Group info: The Commies

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Our group name is the Commies

Group members-

Elizabeth Kieswetter – Recorder; takes notes about our meetings, keeps a collection of all information gathered, and assists with preparing group projects.

Brittany Nelson – Presentation Design; In charge of putting our project presentations together, assists with preparing group projects.

Derek Schilson – Organizer; helps Brittany prepare presentations and make sure all of our information is appropriately organized and ready for presentation.

Mackenzie Thiessen – Meeting Leader; in charge of making sure that all deadlines are met, and scheduling times to meet, assists with preparing group projects.

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Misc. Communication Announcements

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Class Paper

Just a reminder, your class paper needs to be 5-7 pages long (of actual text, not including the cover page or the reference list).

You should have 8-10 real references (academic articles, reports, newspaper articles, etc.)

The list of possible paper topics is here.

The paper should be in American Psychological Association (APA) style. Here is an overview of that style. And here is the Wikipedia entry on APA. You can google additional resources.

If you get me a draft of your paper by Thursday, November 18, I’ll take a quick look at it and give you feedback.

The final paper is due Tuesday, November 30. You will also present a 5-10 minute overview of the paper for part of the grade.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Comm 4473 Paper Topics

October 26, 2010 1 comment

Choose one of the following topics for your class paper:

Is the Internet good for democracy?

What would get young people more engaged in politics?

Is there too much negativity in political advertisements and campaigns?

Is media fragmentation bad for democracy?

What are the effects of political comedy and political satire (like Stewart and Colbert) on citizens and democracy?

Are social networking technologies (facebook, twitter, etc) changing politics? What are the effects of these technologies on citizens and democracy?

Should corporate funding of political advertisements be limited?



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Blog 5 Summary

Here’s a quick overview of the prominent issues in the Blunt/Carnahan news articles that were analyzed in this week’s blog entries:

  • Campaign issues (who is winning, fund raising, debate schedule) – 3
  • Health Care Reform – 2
  • Economy – 1
  • Stimulus – 1
  • Energy – 1
  • Carnahan Wind Farm – 1
  • Immigration – 1
  • Police – 1
  • Education – 1
  • Candidate Profile/Background – 1
  • Abortion – 1

Overall, I though this was a pretty diverse distribution of issues .

Also, here are a few specific blog entries worth checking out:

From Mandy, this is what partisan news framing looks like.

From Christine, candidates trying to frame each other.

From Elizabeth, how the news media frames disagreement.


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