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Blog 1: Number of Veterans Hired in Federal Positions Increases

August 31, 2015 1 comment

This articles describes the rising numbers of veterans that are being hired for government jobs. Although, most government agencies have difficulties keeping the veterans, because they quit. The Department of Defense is the only federal department that has been able to maintain a high percentage of veterans staying in their positions.

These statistics were published by the United States Office of Personnel Management. The information is published in a booklet called Employment of Veterans in the Federal Branch 2014 Fiscal Year. The booklet does not describe what type of study was done, but it is given to us by a government website and we can only hope that it is an accurate display of information.

I am interested in how the data was collected. I liked how the data was organized and showed the data of the previous fiscal year next to it so the reader could see the connection and increase in the number of veterans that have federal jobs. I think it would’ve been nice to understand why veterans were quitting their jobs but no explanation was given.



Blog 7: Where Your News Comes From

March 16, 2011 1 comment

As we all know certain people prefer watching specific things. Not only for their news but television in general. I know I would rather watch something light than something dramatic, and for others its the opposite. This is how most Americans feel about their news. Now a days there are some many biased outlets that Democrats and Republicans do not have to get their political news from the same source. A republican could tune into Fox News while a Democrat tunes into CNN. Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so. I know personally that I don’t particularly enjoy listening to people talk about things I do not agree with. However, I do think it is important to know that even though you agree with what you are hearing, to be aware that there is an opposing view. I think Americans should also be informed about what the opposing view is. It is so easy to discount an alternate view if you are hearing only the political information that you agree with. I like to use both CNN and Fox News to get my information. It is good to hear what different people think of different issues. If you go to the top stories on both CNN’s website and Fox News’ website you will find that they are for the most part the same with slight differences. One being that in Fox News’ top story you can find articles about how the president is not doing his job, but is filling out his NCAA Bracket.  On CNN you will not find any stories criticizing Obama and his political administration. No matter if you are Democratic or Republican it is important to be well informed about your the happenings in your country. Using multiple news sources is the best way to get this. Even the political satire shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are good ways of getting political perspective. Also blogs and other online sites are good ways to obtain news. In conclusion I do not think it matters if Democrats and Republicans get their news from different places, as long as they know what is going on in our country.

BLOG 5: Political Blogs, or How Humor Controls the Internet

March 7, 2011 1 comment

Eerily reminiscent to my consumption of general political information, blogs rarely catch my interest unless they utilize some sort of satire or humor in order to get their point across. Heavy preference toward liberal blogs aside, I find using humor is extremely effective in not only getting your point across, but getting me to read your blog too.

Granted, the only real “blog” that I follow on a somewhat regular basis is The Onion, although since The Onion is more satire than actual, real news, it probably doesn’t count. That being said, three blogs I have since stumbled on have been The Politician Strip, Democralypse Now, and True/Slant.

Each of these blogs fulfill my special, political satire quota, albeit in different ways.

The Politician Strip, apart from being extremely witty and funny in the most intelligent of ways, is a blog based completely around a comic strip about a corrupt politician. The graphics are more than welcome for the College-Student-With-Serious-Attention-Deficits, but the blog would definitely be enhanced with some commentary or even context.

Democralypse Now is a bit like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart if they merged into one being with the Onion, were given angry picket signs, and wore dangerously high red stilettos.

When not granting sleazy mega corporations the same rights, privileges, and fabulous new ability to donate as much cold, hard cash to political campaigns as your average Snuggie-wearing schlub on the sofa stuffing Pringles in his mouth, the Supreme Court is busy doing other vital things, like coming thisclose to unanimously ruling in favor of the right of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church to shriek outside gay soldiers’ funerals with signs that say “God Hates Fags” and “AIDS Cures Fags” because of like freedom of speech or whatever.

It would have been unanimous, if not for the lone dissent of fearless, temper tantrum-throwing Justice Samuel Alito, who never misses a chance to disrupt a State of the Union address by NObama, or give the government more power over individual liberties, including the freedom to spew vile, racist shit at grieving loved ones of slain soldiers or innocent Muslim families and their children en route to charity events.

Her use of satire and unique, strong political voice is refreshing and more than entertaining to read; especially as someone who leans the same way. She breaks up her texts with great, relevant images that are often humorous enough to complement her blog post without distracting from her main points.

She is a little over-the-top, admittedly. I think there’s a fine balance between blogging with a very firm, stated bias and becoming so exaggerated and overly satirical that it detracts from the main point or argument you’re trying to make, and DN does this enough to make me wince from time to time.

Although discontinued, True/Slant combines the best of both worlds. Matt Taibbi uses quick wit and a personal touch to comment on the state of the union, but he does it in a manner that’s readable; at least by adding a bit of analysis here and there that accentuates his satire.

The great thing about flattery is a) you can’t overdo it as hard as you try, and b) it doesn’t pin you down to messy political positions, controversies, things you can be harassed about by Chris Matthews and other press weasels.

It’s basically a risk-free strategy. You get up on stage and you say, “I’m just like all you idiots. And you idiots rock!” People will fall for this stuff. The ingenious part in Sarah Palin’s case is that she probably genuinely believes it.

That’s the thing political blogs should remember–it’s not only about getting people to read or expressing your political opinions; it’s about providing some kind of analysis that might not be found elsewhere too! I’ll take that into consideration, but in the meantime, have another humorous comic strip! xoxo!

Blog 5: Political Blogs

March 7, 2011 1 comment

After looking at many different blogs with many styles and points of view I had a tough time deciding which one was something I really liked and could relate to.  I really couldn’t relate well with GOP blogs so that was out.  I did not like just getting the one sided views of the liberal blogs either.  I feel as though in today’s world stories about politics and current events are taken way to serious and sometimes a humorous spin on things need to be taken to make issues and problems in today’s world a little more light hearted.

In searching for a humorous political blog that I thought was professionally done and fairly balanced I found this. I have always been a fan of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for as long as I can remember.  Even though they bring humor to today’s news and issues they are extremely knowledgable and up to date on the problems going on in the world.  Indecision Forever is a very humorous but serious blog that takes a light hearted approach to politics which is something that I enjoy.  I think having a little bit of humor in your news while still getting the main ideas and important pieces of the story is vital.  I mean what would politics be anyways without the likes of Stewart and Colbert? I think many young people today would claim it as boring and not cool to pay attention to.  With this blog and contributions from Stewart and Colbert, politics can be considered entertaining and exciting to pay attention to and that is something I know my generation looks for in getting their news.

Blog 5: Political Blog

March 7, 2011 2 comments

I don’t frequent political blogs, as most of them offer pointed, one sided opinions on issues about which I care little. However, there is one vlog that I follow on YouTube that has political leanings, though it isn’t strictly about politics. That vlog is Penn Point.

The vlog is self produced by illusionist and self-proclaimed libertarian Penn Jillette. I follow this vlog for three primary reasons. First, Jillette is funny, and since journalists have taken to covering the news poorly and primarily with emotion (as we discussed in the previous blog), if I’m going to be gathering information from an industry that is widely regarded as a joke in the first place, it might as well be from a guy who gets paid to be funny.

Second, Jillette often states that he is clueless about the nuances of the political topics he covers and that he is speaking from a biased viewpoint, that being a libertarian viewpoint. He urges viewers to look up more information from sources who are more aptly equipped to explain politics, which is, ironically journalists most of the time. I appreciate a man who can admit he doesn’t know it all and urges people to research on their own.

Finally, because I enjoy Jillette’s Showtime smash Bullshit! I find that having him explain things of a political nature automatically sparks skepticism in me concerning what his opinions are and, if I believe what he is saying is off the wall or too libertarian, I will go off and research an issue myself from a different viewpoint. So, Penn Point makes me more active in a subject I have little interest in in the first place, which I think is good.

In addition to this, Jillette offers a libertarian viewpoint on some issues. Though I do not identify as a libertarian, some of his points are interesting and resonate with me and serve as an alternative to the typical “left vs. right” viewpoint on nearly everything. Jillette’s vlog also makes me question some of my own beliefs that don’t allign with this libertarian viewpoint, which is something I welcome and enjoy. Jillette also takes shots at both right wing conservatives and left wing “hippies,” the latter of which is a joy to watch for me. Because most of the political blogs I StumbleUpon are typically written with a self-righteous, left wing slant and most right wing blogs are written by ultra-conservative religious people, having a different viewpoint on politics is refreshing, but most importantly, funny. Jillette’s vlog tends to challenge the status quo in a way that isn’t so much “down with the man” (as I find most liberal leaning blogs are) but in a way that questions (albeit bluntly and often obscenely) the more popular opinions on things like health care and gun control, for instance.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is that Jillette doesn’t take himself too seriously on the whole. Most blogs I StumbleUpon write on issues as though they are making some sort of difference in terms of solving the issue when they’re doing little more than pontificating on a pet cause. While there are situations where Jillette does speak seriously (for example, on free speech or the shooting in Arizona [note, this link is a two parter and has profanity]) which, if I’m intrigued, leads me to research further on the issue at hand, most of the time, Jillette is just a funny guy who spouts off on things that bother him in libertarian terms. And since he states that he’s got a libertarian bias and that people should never take his word for granted, I find him to be more honest than most bloggers out there, which leaves a soft spot in my heart for his vlog.

Blog 5: Political Blogs

March 7, 2011 1 comment

I had to do a bit of research for this assignment because I have never really followed political blogs. I have found two that struck my attention. One contains mostly political satire, and the other is more serious. The first of the two is demockracy. This blog is used to poke fun at our political system. In particular I read a post that I read that I found both interesting and entertaining. The title was The American Mid-Term Election Seen from Abroad. It discussed how the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) traveled to America to observe the voting process for the last midterm election. What they found was interesting. The

polling proceeded in a calm and well-organized manner,” the observers were struck by the “lack of voter secrecy” due to “voting booths and electronic voting machines … often placed too close to each other, which enabled clear insight as to how a voter marked the ballot,” as well as “the widespread possibility to vote without any picture I.D.” – a requirement in most of the elections the organization monitors

I thought that was an interesting story. The statement above I would say is very accurate. The lines are relatively quick and efficient, but the manner we vote in could be considered flawed. Another thing I liked about this blog were the political satire cartoons. This one is about Obama and how he puts what he wants in the media.

The Second Blog that I found interesting was The Raw Story. This focused on the details on the main story rather than the fluff, or “extra” information about the story. From this blog I liked a video that discussed the legalization of marijuana. I thought it was an interesting topic of choice. Gil Kerlikowske is arguing for pot to remain illegal. He also continues talking about how prescription drugs are the most common drug problem in the United States.

Post 5: Political Blog

March 7, 2011 1 comment

I would not consider myself a blogger. Besides blogging for this class I do not blog on my own nor do I read the blogs of others. It is not because I do not find them interesting rather I prefer to look else where for political information. When perusing through numerous blogs for this assignment I tried to find some that struck me as entertaining or particularly interesting but had a hard time doing so. I then decided to look at the blogs in terms of what would be merited as “good blog” in the world of blogging. This meant that the blogger used links and tagged multiple topics to it… and this is what I found.

While the blog is clearly one sided, I thought this was an interesting one to look into. With the media swaying mostly to the left, I thought it was interesting to see the response of a more Conservative blogger. The mood was almost angry and I thought it was neat how the blogger , Erick Erickson, back to his life in Atlanta. I liked his use of links when he was referring to events that I was not caught up on or that happened ten years back that I needed a refresher on. As previously mentioned the tags added blogger credibility too. The two things that stuck out to me the most was the use of the quote and how it added to the point he was trying to make. The second thing that stuck out to me was his witty and sassy conclusion. I definitely enjoyed hearing the voice of the author.